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Quantum Device Physics (QDP) – MC2, Chalmers University, Goteborg, Sweden
Male, Italian

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de Bachelor in Physics, University of Naples “Federico II”
de Master of Science degree in physics of matter, University of Naples “Federico II”

Field of research
Nanofabrication of HTS devices: Quantum-bit and nanoSQUIDs. Low temperature electrical measurements.

Research experience
hjg Magnetic properties of nanoparticle-assembled iron films made by fs-PLD with peculiar magnetic anisotropy and topological distribution (Master thesis).

Thesis Project : Title, Summary
"Decoherence in superconducting quantum circuits"

The project aims at a deeper understanding of quantum circuitries made of the high critical temperature superconductor (HTS) YBa2Cu3O7-x with potential applications ranging from quantum computing to solid-state physics research in previously
inaccessible regimes.
The focus will be on material specific decoherence effects coming from the dielectrics involved in the fabrication process and the
superconductor itself.
In the latter case the project will be devoted to the experimental investigation of the low temperature excitation spectra of HTS by using two-level quantum systems. We will use a HTS Josephson junction, acting as a two level system, embedded in a superconducting resonator (see Fig. 1). This experiment will deliver detailed information about the quasiparticle spectrum of HTS, giving access to unresolved issues on the nature of superconductivity in these materials.


List of Publications
Magnetic properties of nanoparticle-assembled iron films with peculiar magnetic anisotropy and topological distribution (Materialinanofasici X Convegno Nazionale - Bologna 6 - 8 settembre 2011)

Microwave losses in MgO, LaAlO3, and (La0.3Sr0.7)(Al0.65Ta0.35)O3 dielectrics at low power and in the millikelvin temperature range, M. Arzeo, F. Lombardi, T. Bauch, Applied Physics Letters 104, 4 (2014).

Microwave Losses in YBCO Coplanar Waveguide Resonators at Low Power and Millikelvin Range, M. Arzeo, F. Lombardi, T. Bauch, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 24, 4 (2014).

Fast Electron Thermometry for Ultrasensitive Calorimetric Detection, S. Gasparinetti, K. L. Viisanen, O.-P. Saira, T. Faivre, M. Arzeo, M. Meschke, J. P. Pekola, Physical Review Applied 3, 6 (2015).

Resistive state triggered by vortex entry in YBa2Cu3O7-delta nanostructures, R. Arpaia, D. Golubev, R. Baghdadi, M. Arzeo, G. Kunakova, S. Charpentier, S. Nawaz, F. Lombardi, T. Bauch, Physica C 506, 165-168 (2014).

Highly homogeneous YBCO/LSMO nanowires for photoresponse experiments, R. Arpaia, M. Ejrnaes, L. Parlato, R. Cristiano, M. Arzeo, T. Bauch, S. Nawaz, F. Tafuri, G. P. Pepe, F. Lombardi, Superconductor Science and Technology 27, 044027 (2014).

Ultra low noise YBa2Cu3O7-delta nano superconducting quantum interference devices implementing nanowires, R. Arpaia, M. Arzeo, S. Nawaz, S. Charpentier, F. Lombardi, T. Bauch, Applied Physics Letters 104, 072603 (2014).

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