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Laboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux Condensés (LPMMC), CNRS & UJF, Grenoble, France
Male, Italian


puce Bachelor's Degree in Physics, University of Pisa (Italy)
puce Master's Degree in Physics of Matter, University of Pisa (Italy)

puce PhD of Université Grenoble Alpes awarded on March 2, 2015.

Field of research:
Nanophysics, thermo-electric transport in superconducting based junctions

Research experience:
hjg “Quantum Optimal Control of Superconducting Charge Qubits” (Master's Degree Thesis) , Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa (Italy) and Institut for Quantum Information Processing of University of Ulm (Germany)

Thesis Project :
“Thermoelectric Phenomena in Superconducting Nanostructures”

This thesis deals with theoretical aspects of transport (equilibrium and out of equilibrium) in superconducting nanostructures. Mainly we will study (i) hybrid normal metal - insulator - superconductor (NIS) junctions and (ii) superconducting SIS Josephson junctions.

In the first case (i) we will analyse the effect of a resistive environment on the IV characteristic of a single NIS junction. We will extend this analysis to the case of two-electron tunnelling (Andreev reflection) with the ultimate aim to understand the inaccuracy currently measured in SINIS electron pumps.

The second part (ii) of this project will be the study of duality between a single Josephson junction and a phase-slip element. In particular we are interested in the effect of dissipation on the so-called Bloch nose: a feature in the IV characteristic that is a direct consequence of quantum phase-slips. This analysis will in the end enable us to understand the quantum limit of phase-locking under microwave irradiation. Phase-locking is the effect that induces current Shapiro steps in a phase-slip junction and therefore makes it a good candidate for a device defining an accurate current standard.

List of Publications:
Leakage Current of a Superconductor-Normal Metal Tunnel Junction Connected to a High-Temperature Environment, A. Di Marco, V. F. Maisi, J. P. Pekola, F. W. J. Hekking, Physical Review B 88, 174507 (2013).

Superconducting cascade electron refrigerator, M. Camarasa-Gomez, A. Di Marco, F. W. J. Hekking, C. Winkelmann, H. Courtois, F. Giazotto, Applied Physics Letters 104, 192601 (2014).

Quantum Phase-Slip Junction Under Microwave Irradiation, Angelo Di Marco, Frank W. J. Hekking, Gianluca Rastelli, Physical Review B 91, 184512 (2015).

Effect of photon-assisted Andreev reflection in the accuracy of a SINIS turnstile, A. Di Marco, V. F. Maisi, F. W. J. Hekking, J. P. Pekola, Physical Review B 92, 094514 (2015).

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