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Mian Akif SAFEEN
NEST Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR, Pisa, Italy
Male, Pakistan


puce M.Phil in Solid State Physics from University of the Punjab, Lahore (2011)
puce M.Sc in Physics from University of Peshawar, Peshawar (2009)

Field of research:
Electronic transport in hybrid Semiconductor-Superconductor systems, thin films

Research experience:
hjg Magnetic and Optical Properties of Undoped Co-evaporated ZnO Thin Films was studied using vibrating sample magnetometer and variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer in M.Phil at Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab ( Lahore-2011).

hjg The Phase and Microstructural Analysis of 34SiO2-33Li2O-33Nb2O5 Glass Ceramics was done using X-Ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope as M.Sc. Project under the supervision of Dr.Yaseen Iqbal in Materials Research Laboratory at University of Peshawar (Peshwar-2009)

Thesis Project:
"Study of spin-dependent effects in superconducting devices based on semiconductor nanowires"

The experimental project is targeted to the study of spin-dependent effects in hybrid superconducting nanostructures involving semiconductor nanowires such as InAs, InAs/InP and/or InSb contacted to superconducting electrodes. Our aim is to investigate the role of the electron spin in such superconductor/nanowire systems. We investigate the samples at very low temperatures (down to 50 mK) also in the presence of magnetic field. The low-temperature magneto-transport measurements will allow to understand the impact of Zeemann splitting and spin-orbit coupling existing in the nanowires on the Josephson coupling and proximity effect in such nanostructures. This will enable the realization of exotic electronic states, and might eventually put the basis for the investigation of Majorana fermions which are predicted to exist in such systems.

Large thermal biasing of individual gated nanostructures, S. Roddaro, D. Ercolani, M. A. Safeen, F. Rossella, V. Piazza, F. Giazotto, L. Sorba, F. Beltram, Nano Research 7/4, 579-587 (2014).

Giant thermovoltage in single InAs-nanowire field-effect transistors, S. Roddaro, D. Ercolani, M. A. Safeen, S. Suomalainen, F. Rossella, F. Giazotto, L. Sorba, F. Beltram, Nano Letters 13, 3638 (2013).

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